Motorcycle accidents can drastically change lives every year. Although riding a motorcycle can be exciting, it also comes with a high level of risk. A split second is all it takes to turn an enjoyable ride into a catastrophic accident, leaving riders with injuries, damaged property, and emotional trauma. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, knowing how to handle the aftermath of a Yuma motorcycle accident is crucial. 

motorcycle accident

Get Medical Help

Even if you feel fine following a Yuma motorcycle accident, you may not realize the extent of your injuries. Due to the adrenaline and shock of the accident, certain injuries, such as a concussion and whiplash, may not be immediately noticeable but could be dangerous if not treated quickly. Obtaining medical attention as soon as possible after the accident can prevent potential complications and future health issues.

Obtain Your Medical Records

Another reason to get to a healthcare professional as soon as possible is to obtain your complete medical report detailing the injuries sustained, the required treatment, and an explanation of the potential long-term effects of the accident.

These details can help show the extent of your damages and provide proof of a connection between the motorcycle accident and your injuries. This can be critical when pursuing an insurance or legal claim, as the other side will try to find anything to show that your injuries resulted from a separate event or were not as serious as you claim.

Collect Evidence From the Scene

After an accident, it is common for important details to be missed in the chaos. However, these details can be crucial in determining who’s at fault and verifying claims. That is why it’s essential to collect as much information as possible from the accident scene. This involves exchanging information with other parties, including their names, contact information, insurance details, and vehicle registration numbers.

Take Photos of the Crash

Photographs can be compelling evidence in determining the circumstances of a motorcycle accident. However, if you cannot obtain these pictures after the crash, do not worry. When you work with an experienced Yuma motorcycle accident attorney, these lawyers can help you acquire all this evidence, including photos of the crash scene, the damage to your bike, and other relevant details. 

Deal With the Insurance Company

Following a motorcycle accident, dealing with insurance claims is typically the next step. However, this can be a complex and confusing ordeal, and failing to navigate this step can significantly impact the compensation you receive.

For instance, these companies will do everything possible to settle your case for less than you deserve or try to gather any evidence they can to show that you were at fault for the accident. That is why before you discuss anything with the insurance company, consider first going over the crash with an experienced Yuma motorcycle accident lawyer. These legal professionals can help you take on these insurance companies and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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