Being involved in a motor accident can be a stressful experience. Victims of this devastating accident can not only suffer extensive injuries and excruciating pain but also be left dealing with extensive financial hardships. That is why, while it may feel like a “win” when the insurance company offers a settlement following an accident, accepting this offer may not always be in your best interests. Below we will go over the reasons why.

car crash settlement

Insurance Companies Want to Make Money

Although you may want to believe that the insurer is there to help you secure the compensation required to get back on your feet after an accident, the reality is that insurance companies are a business that focus more on their profits than your well-being.

They have a financial incentive to provide you with as little money as possible to resolve your claim rather than ensuring you get the money you need. That is why these companies and their adjusters will try to find as many reasons as they can to deny your case or reduce the compensation as much as possible. 

As a result, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to offer you as little money as possible soon after an accident, hoping you accept it, no questions asked. More importantly, these companies also know that if you do take the amount and later find out that you need more money to cover your expenses, you cannot return to them and ask for additional compensation.

Injuries May Not Appear Right Away

Unfortunately, if you accept the first settlement offer that comes your way, you may not fully understand the extent of your losses and injuries at that time and miss out on the money you need. That is why before you accept any type of settlement, you should first consider how your injuries will affect not only your current employment but your future opportunities, as well as your overall health and quality of life. You should also figure out what type of ongoing treatments and care you need because of the accident.

For these reasons, before accepting any offers from the insurance company, you should usually wait until you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) 

Contact a Yuma Car Accident Attorney and Fight for the Financial Damages You Deserve

If you suffered injuries in a Yuma car crash, you have enough on your plate. The last thing you want to do is worry about the insurance company playing games and preventing you from getting the money you need.

However, when you retain an experienced Yuma car accident lawyer to handle your case, you will not have to tackle this challenging situation alone. Instead, these lawyers can take on the insurance company, handle all the discussions and negotiations with them, and help you go after the maximum compensation you deserve.
Contact Territorial Law, LLC today to schedule a free case consultation and find out how we can help you go after the money you are entitled to.