Yuma Premises Liability Attorneys

Negligence as a Source of Injury

If you are a guest, invitee, or customer on someone else’s property, you should have a reasonable expectation of safety while you are there. Unfortunately, property owners may be neglectful, resulting in hazards that can cause injury or damage your health.

Property owners have a responsibility to address hazards that could result in injury, such as:

  • Walkway areas that are uneven, unstable, or slippery
  • Inadequate security that fails to prevent dangerous individuals from entering a property
  • Potential for unsecured objects to fall onto someone
  • Improper maintenance resulting in exposed wiring or other building hazards
  • Environmental health hazards, such as exposure to toxins, unsafe gases, or fumes

Individuals who open up their property to others have a responsibility to provide for their guests’ safety. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can result in safety hazards—which can then cause harm or injury to guests. If you were injured on someone else’s property, you need a Yuma premises liability attorney who can help you stand up for your health and safety. At Territorial Law, we help clients obtain favorable outcomes for their situations. Call our team to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

Fault in Premises Liability

Determining fault is not always straightforward in a premises liability case, but our Yuma personal injury attorneys have the resources and know-how to properly handle these legal matters. Though you may be able to name the party you believe to be at fault, a closer look at the circumstances might reveal multiple parties who contributed to the accident.

A defendant may also allege that a person or entity not named in the lawsuit is liable. For example, a plaintiff may claim that the owner of the building in which they were injured is at fault for the accident. That person, in turn, may claim that a maintenance contractor’s negligence caused the injury. That contractor could be named a “non-party at fault.”

If multiple parties were at fault for the injury, the judge will determine the percentage of fault for each party. They will then pay that percentage of the damages.