Federal Crimes Lawyer in Yuma, AZ

Protect Yourself from the Consequences of a Conviction

Federal crimes are some of the most serious charges a person can face. These kinds of offenses often involve international parties, assaults against government officials, racketeering, or other crimes that make use of the government as an accessory. If you have been charged with a federal crime, odds are the prosecuting party has been building a case against you for some time. You need the help of a skilled Yuma federal crimes lawyer to protect your rights and avoid a conviction. Call Territorial Law right away to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the legal options you have available.

What Constitutes a Federal Crime?

While some laws are limited to local governments or state codes, others are federally prosecuted. The investigating bodies here will be federal agencies such as the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, and the IRS. If convicted, the consequences you face will be serious.

You could face federal sentencing for crimes such as:

  • Mail fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Bank robbery
  • Violations of RICO laws
  • Espionage
  • Tax evasion
  • Child pornography
  • Drug trafficking

Because of the severity of these crimes, federal investigating agencies will spend months — even years — building cases against those they suspect of a federal offense. You need the help of an experienced attorney to build a strong case and prove your innocence.

Award-Winning Yuma Criminal Defense Attorney

Territorial Law is Yuma’s oldest law firm. In that time, our team of legal professionals has seen the strategies used by federal agencies to make their cases. As your advocate, our Yuma criminal defense firm will take the time to fully understand the charges against you and build a case in defense of your future.

During your free consultation, we will take the time to hear your side of the story. While your situation is serious, we are often able to find helpful evidence that was overlooked by the prosecution. Our diligence in building your case may be the key to helping you avoid a conviction. You are not alone. Territorial Law is ready to take your side in the criminal proceedings. Call today.