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No one likes being pulled over, especially if police might suspect you of drunk or impaired driving. A DUI or DWI conviction can cause major inconveniences to your life, including license suspension, fines, increased insurance rates, and even jail time. You need the help of an experienced Yuma DUI/DWI lawyer to help you protect yourself. Call Territorial Law today to schedule a free consultation with a team in possession of over 60 years of shared legal knowledge and insights. We can help you understand the charges against you and provide you with guidance as to how you may be able to avoid a conviction.

Arizona Impaired Driving Laws

There are many reasons a person can be charged with DUI/DWI, and not all of them include being guilty of the crime. In many instances, police merely suspect the driver of being intoxicated, then create the conditions to make them appear guilty. At Territorial Law, we have over 60 years of shared legal knowledge surrounding these crimes, and we know the strategies law enforcement and prosecutors use to get the result they want.

As your advocate, we may be able to help you prove:

  • You were forced to drive: There are instances where you have no choice but to operate a vehicle under circumstances that are less than ideal. This is not the same kind of crime as willfully driving while impaired.
  • Entrapment: Police are not always ethical in their practices. If you feel you were coerced into drunk driving just so you could be arrested, call Territorial Law and let us investigate the evidence against you.
  • You did not know you were impaired: For people who are prescribed medication, they are often unaware that they are driving under illegal circumstances. Our team can help you demonstrate that you are not a criminal who chose to drive unsafely.
  • The police officer improperly stopped you: Arresting officers must have probable cause to stop you and check for impaired driving. If the officer pulled you over for no apparent reason, you may be able to show they acted unlawfully.
  • Inaccurate testing: The tools used to test for blood alcohol content (BAC) are notorious for their failures. Our team understands the problems that often accompany field sobriety testing, and we can help you make the best use of those arguments.

Arizona Ignition Interlock Device Requirements

If convicted of drunk driving in Arizona, you will be required to install an IID (ignition interlock device) in your vehicle, whether it is your first offense or any subsequent DUI offense. This is a device that will only allow your car to start after a breath sample is taken and there is no alcohol found in the sample.

What are the DUI Penalties in Arizona?

According to Arizona law, an individual must apply for a restricted license if they have been convicted of a DUI and wish to continue driving. In some cases, you may be able to have the charges against you dropped or reduced.

In others, you may be able to apply for a restricted license that allows you to travel to essential locations and suffer minimal interruptions your day-to-day life. Let our team help you go over your options. Call our Yuma DUI/DWI lawyer today.

  • 1st Offense
    • Minimum of 10 days in jail
    • Fine of at least $1,480
    • Up to 90-day license suspension
    • 1 year mandatory installation of IID
  • 2nd & 3rd DUI Offenses
    • Minimum of 90 days in jail
    • Fine of at least $3,000
    • 1 year license suspension
    • 1 year mandatory installation of IID (eligible for restricted license after 45 days)

Avoid a Conviction

At Territorial Law, the goal of our Yuma criminal defense firm is to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. This means we take the time to help our clients review the evidence against them and find the best defense strategy for their needs. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.