Social media allows us to connect with friends and family and share updates about our lives. However, while this can be great for joyous occasions, sharing too much online after a Yuma car accident can negatively impact your legal case and potentially affect the compensation you can receive for your injuries and losses.

That is why we have prepared the below post, where we will go over some of the top things you should not do with your social media after a Yuma car accident.

tiktok car accident

Do Not Post About the Crash

Even if it may seem like an innocent statement or comment, you must remember that anything you post online will remain there forever. As a result, if you provide any details about the collision and it contradicts your claim, it can end up ruining your whole case.

This also extends to check-ins. For instance, if you claim you suffered severe injuries after an accident and post on social media you are attending a yoga or dance class, this check-in can hurt your chances of obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve.

Do Not Accept New Followers

Don’t be surprised if the insurance company wants to know more about you following a Yuma car accident. More importantly, be aware that they are not afraid to try any tactic to collect as much information on you as possible. This includes snooping around your social media pages. If you do not know someone in real life and get a friend request from them, do not accept it.

Turn Your Settings To Private

Although legal professionals can often gain access to private social media posts, changing your account to private can make it more challenging for them to access your social media history and the information you have put out there. 

Avoid Deleting Any Posts

Even if you posted something that can hurt your car accident claim, do not delete it. This can hurt you more than the actual post since it may look like you are tampering with the evidence, especially if you try to delete the information after the other side has requested it.

Do Not Comment or Post On Other People’s Social Media Pages

Simply refraining from posting about a car accident on your own social media pages is not sufficient to protect your legal case. Even commenting on others’ posts or allowing your loved ones to post about the accident can have negative consequences. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask your family and friends to avoid posting anything related to the accident until your case has been resolved to safeguard your legal claim. 

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