Following a motor vehicle accident, victims of the crash often have numerous questions about their legal options and the remedies they can pursue. Yet, instead of getting the answers they need from experienced legal professionals, these individuals try to figure out these complex legal issues themselves because they fear they cannot afford these attorneys.

However, there are often numerous misconceptions about the costs of hiring a car accident attorney. That is why the blog post below will go over this issue in more detail so you better understand whether you can afford a Yuma car accident lawyer.

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Contingency Fee Agreements

contingency fee refers to an agreement between an attorney and a client, where the lawyer only receives compensation if the client receives a settlement or judgment. Contingency fees are generally used in cases of workers’ compensation, as well as personal injury, such as motor vehicle accidents.

In this type of arrangement, the attorney will receive a fixed percentage, usually between 33.3% to 40% of the recovery. However, this amount will also depend on the circumstances of the case and will need to be agreed upon by both sides.

Based on this arrangement, if the client wins the case, the attorney’s fees will come out of the money awarded to them. If the client loses their case, the lawyer will not get any money for the work done on the case.

Is a Yuma Car Accident Lawyer Worth the Costs?

While a contingency fee arrangement can help with the costs of hiring a car accident attorney, some may still wonder if it is worth retaining these legal professionals to handle their car accident claim.

According to research by the Insurance Research Council, personal injury victims represented by an attorney receive 3.5 times more settlement compensation than those unrepresented individuals. The study further found that 85% of plaintiffs in a personal injury accident who managed to obtain a favorable settlement were legally represented. There are several reasons for these findings:

  • Insurance companies tend to take advantage of car accident victims not represented by legal counsel.
  • An experienced car accident attorney knows what evidence needs to be gathered and what arguments need to be made to increase the value of an injury claim.
  • An experienced car accident lawyer knows the types of damages victims can pursue and the proof required to show the extent of their injuries and losses.
  • An experienced car accident lawyer understands the laws involved with pursuing legal action after a car crash, which can help eliminate mistakes that can impact a victim’s ability to go after the money they need.
  • An experienced car accident attorney is not afraid to take a legal case before a judge or a jury if the other side or the insurance company refuses to settle for a fair amount.

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