If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, understanding the financial remedies that may be owed to you can be a complex and, at times, confusing process. Worse yet, there can be several factors that can impact the outcome of your slip and fall case. In the blog post below, we will go over some of these factors and explain how an experienced Yuma slip and fall accident attorney can help you take on this challenging claim and go after the financial damages you deserve.

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The Severity of the Injuries

The severity of your injuries can directly affect the amount of compensation you may receive. This is because severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, often result in significant medical expenses, long-term care, loss of income, and substantial pain and suffering.

The Accident Location

Where your accident occurred can also affect the results of your case. For instance, if the slip and fall happened in an area where the property owner should have noticed a potential hazard, like a grocery store aisle or the main entrance of a building, it may be easier to demonstrate negligence compared to if it took place in a less frequently visited area of the property.

Witness Statements

Having witness statements can greatly impact the outcome of a slip and fall case. If witnesses can support your version of events and verify that the situation was indeed hazardous, it can strengthen your case. However, if there are opposing witness statements, it could weaken your claim.

Prior Complaints

Having previous accidents or complaints related to the same hazard recorded can strengthen your slip and fall case. These incidents or complaints suggest that the property owner was aware, or should have been aware, of the hazard but did not take the necessary steps to fix it, which adds weight to your claim of their negligence.

Pre-Existing Injuries

If you had any previous injuries at the time of the accident, there is a good chance the insurance company or the other side will try to use this information to impact your settlement value. They may argue that you should be entitled to less compensation because the pre-existing health issues exacerbated the slip and fall injuries.  

The Bottom Line

Although various factors can impact your slip and fall case, you do not have to take on these challenges alone. When you work with an experienced Yuma slip and fall accident attorney, these legal professionals can help you fight for your rights and go after the damages you deserve. 

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