Will I Get More Settlement Money with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Will I Get More Settlement Money with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be wondering if you want to pursue a personal injury case and if hiring a lawyer would be beneficial. Whether a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, a brain or spinal cord injury, insurance bad faith, medical malpractice, premises liability, wrongful death of a loved one, or more, an experienced personal injury attorney is statistically proven to help you settle your case for more money than you would without one.

In short, when it comes to personal injury attorneys, the service they offer more than pays for itself. But the benefits to a personal injury attorney go beyond the financial. With a skilled personal injury attorney advocating for you, you can rest easy and focus on your recovery, health, and family – what truly matters – while having the confidence that someone is looking out for your best interests and nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Studies Show Settlements Are Higher with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

The Insurance Research Council conducted a comprehensive study on insurance claim payments, and the results were conclusive proof. The Insurance Research Council, or IRC, is an independent nonprofit research organization with the mission of providing unbiased research and insights into the policy issues that the insurance industry is facing. They base their findings on extensive data and analysis and are entirely dedicated to research and communicating their findings, with no ulterior motive.

Their study showed that a personal injury attorney will greatly increase the odds of a settlement and the size of that settlement. In fact, the IRC found that 85% of all settlements made with insurance companies were paid out to people who hired a personal injury lawyer. Moreover, not only are people who hire a personal injury attorney more likely to receive a settlement, but the study showed that those settlement payouts were significantly higher. In fact, people with an attorney were found to receive settlement payments that are three and a half times higher when compared to people without an attorney. Therefore, it’s clear a personal injury lawyer makes it more likely that you’ll receive a payout, and that payout tends to be significantly higher than it would be without a lawyer.

An Experienced Team of Personal Injury Attorneys to Maximize Your Settlement Money

The attorneys at Territorial Law have over 60 years of experience representing the people of Yuma and greater Arizona. Our award-winning lawyers know the ins and outs of the personal injury process and will advocate for you and fight for the settlement that you deserve. Our team will relentlessly fight for the best possible outcome. We are well-prepared to represent you with extensive experience in Arizona personal injury law, and our results speak for themselves, having recovered over $26 million for clients like you. Your first consultation is both free and confidential, so contact us today so we can get started advocating for you! You only have 2 years to file a personal injury case in the state of Arizona, so it’s imperative that you act fast to give your lawyer the time to compile the best possible case for you.