3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

Everyone runs into ads for large law firms, especially personal injury firms, just about on the daily. Be it on a billboard, while scrolling the web, a commercial on TV, and ad on the radio, or a shoutout on the newspaper, people often come to believe that the big, commercialized law firms provide big resources and big results. However, that is often not the case. If you or a loved one were injured as a result of another person’s negligence, you should know who you’re hiring when pursing a case. In the case of commercialized, TV law firms, the person you see on the screen is seldom even involved in your case. For personalized representation, it’s best to turn to a local law firm, and here’s why.

  1. You Know Who You’re Hiring and Have Better Access

When you hire a big, commercialized law firm, you may not have any idea who is actually handling your case. First, you’ll speak to the “case manager”, who is a person these large law firms hire to handle client interactions, who aren’t even attorneys. From there, your case will be handed off to an attorney who you probably won’t ever meet with, speak to, or even choose. And even if that attorney is one with a reputation and experience, it’s likely that much of the work will be done by an inexperienced associate “overseen” by that lawyer. While big name, commercialized law firms often advertise that your case will be handled by the experienced partners you see on screen, behind the scenes, much of that work is done by inexperienced associates with limited supervision. It’s better to trust local attorneys with local results and local reviews who will be responsive and available to you when you need them. No small satellite offices, but an established practice run by members of your local community who will meet with you and speak to you directly.

  1. Local Attorneys Have Local Resources, Local Connections, and Local Knowledge

While TV law firms may have a big name, that only goes so far in terms of local results. A local law firm will have local resources, such as investigators who know the area and the community and expert witnesses who these attorneys can trust as they’ve worked together before. Local law firms also have established relationships with community fixtures such as law enforcement, medical professionals, and medical examiners. A local attorney who is a member of the community will get better results than a stranger from somewhere else. Additionally, local attorneys also know other local lawyers, prosecutors and judges, which can lead to valuable insights in the best strategy for your case. Not only will your local attorney know local court rules, but they’ll also know the judge’s pet peeves and how to best present your case to them.

  1. Local Attorneys Have a Local Reputation and Real, Local Results

While anybody can pay for a large, widespread marketing scheme, local reputation must be built, not bought. It’s much more advisable and reliable to trust dozens of reviews from people in your community and word of mouth from your trusted circle than what you see on a screen. A local reputation is something you can’t buy or manufacture in a short period of time. It’s something that is established from positive results and reviews from members of the community over years and decades.

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